Moving Timeline

Time moves forward, and so should you.

They say that time is relative to the observer, and strangely enough, this postulate feels even truer when moving house. The moment your move is confirmed and becomes only a matter of time, all the clocks in your home, including the watch on your wrist, will suddenly quicken their pace mercilessly and begin their tick-tocking sprint towards your Moving day.

Are you ready to race the infamous sprinter Mr. Time all the way to the finish line?

With MoveAdvisor, you will be more than ready to face the challenge. Your personal home inventory app offers you an impressive moving timeline checklist to help you organize your pre-move period to perfection. In its core, the week by week moving timeline is a highly intuitive and interactive moving calendar tool which stores all the moving tasks and organization activities you are expected to complete before, during and after your moving date, and presents them to you in an elegant way.

Flawless Organization

Depending on the time left until your Big day knocks on your door, each week Moving Timeline unlocks only a pre-determined set of important tasks for you to complete so that you don’t feel overwhelmed all at once.

The moving jobs are visualized with the help of large self-explanatory icons and presented in a clear and logical way. Simply tap on an icon and read the well-structured accompanying text for more key details related to the moving task in question.

MoveAdvisor – your own moving organizer at your fingertips!

Unrivaled Convenience

MoveAdvisor is all about convenience and ease of use. Once you access a moving related task, you gain full control over it so that it serves your purposes better. Set a moving job to remind you of its incompletion in a few days? Check. Mark a relocation task as complete? Done. Delete a moving chore due to its irrelevancy? Done and done.

But your personal moving organization application doesn’t stop here. Some tasks will be linked to specific actions to save you even more valuable time. For example, tap the ACTION button of RESERVE A RENTAL TRUCK and you will be offered to visit directly one of the four largest truck rental companies in the country.

Be in complete control of your tasks when moving!

Total customization. Total control. Totally for you.

Customize your own Moving Timeline

Besides the time period you have until your moving date, MoveAdvisor only needs to know how you plan to relocate to your new home so that it can prepare your specific moving timeline and checklist. Sadly, the road ahead of you is filled with nothing but hard work.

However, depending on whether you plan to hire professional movers to take care of your move, plan to rely on your previous experience and move on your own, or plan to use the indisputable convenience of a moving container, MoveAdvisor will help you achieve a more balanced and effective distribution of the moving tasks waiting for you.

Set custom reminders

The moving process is a whirlwind of moving tasks which tend to come at you from all directions, sometimes even attacking you in numbered formations. And since multi-tasking is rarely a good idea when you are getting ready to move out of your current home, MoveAdvisor lets you set custom reminders to finish a due task at a later, more convenient time.

Don’t miss an important thing to do! Just tap REMIND within an active moving calendar entry and you are presented with the option to set the date and time of the discreet reminder in question.

Do more faster

When getting ready to move house, every minute in preparation counts. And this is exactly why the ultimate goal of your personal moving home calendar app is to save you time. Loads of time!

MoveAdvisor has a unique built-in feature to offer you more relevant actions within a single task, thus enabling you to finish the moving job easier and faster. It’s always a good thing to have multiple options, right? Especially if you happen to find yourself in the epicenter of one of the most transitional periods in a person’s life.

Whenever a moving task includes the button ACTION, you are advised to check the additional set of options offered by the extended functionality of your moving timeline software.

Take important notes, add crucial details

Wish to customize further your already customized moving house calendar? Not a problem!

MoveAdvisor lets you add random pieces of important information for each task in your moving house timeline. Simply tap the yellow field under My Notes to compose a note that is relevant for the job at hand or for your flawless and stress-free moving experience in general. Needless to say, you can always add more text to an already saved note at a later stage, or even delete the composed text altogether if you wish to do so.

My First Note: With MoveAdvisor on my smartphone, I remain in complete control of my upcoming relocation.

The number of important moving tasks in your timeline.

So how exactly does Moving Timeline work and why can the MoveAdvisor-powered moving calendar checklist guarantee the outright success of your local or cross country move?

Think of your personal moving planner app as a sophisticated to-do list that knows what important moving tasks you should do, and most importantly, when you should do them. In the very beginning, Moving Timeline only needs to know two essential pieces of information – your moving date and how you plan to move /hire a moving company, move on your own or move via a moving container/. Simply enter these two relocation parameters and you get the detailed week by week checklist you need. What’s more, your personalized house moving timeline is not only customized to your specific moving requirements and needs, but it also fine-tunes itself in accordance with the time you have until your Big day.

We realize that flawless organization is key when it comes to moving preparations. This is why your mobile checklist app offers you logically organized moving tasks in chronological order which guarantee a smooth transition from one essential task to another. Additionally, you will find that the customization level of your Moving Timeline is taken a step further – you are given the opportunity to set personal reminders, write down important notes, mark a task as completed, delete such if you find it irrelevant, or even to take specific actions relevant to each moving job.

We want to thank Moving Tips for providing some the the valuable moving tips embedded in the checklist. We will continue to add more helpful moving and packing tips into the timeline, so you don’t forget a thing during your relocation.

Moving Timeline by MoveAdvisor – your home field advantage to win the sprinting race with Mr. Time!

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