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Home Inventory just got easier, faster and more fun!

Your personal moving organization app MoveAdvisor features a state-of-the-art home inventory checklist tool that enables you to create a complete virtual house moving inventory list of your household for the upcoming relocation. A few taps is all you need to create a detailed digital map of your home and fill the rooms with all the household items and personal possessions you have decided to take with you to your new residence.


Add virtual rooms to map out your home

The home inventory tool powered by MoveAdvisor lets you map out your entire home with just a few taps of your fingertips. The process of creating a virtual room is simple and fun – just tap ADD A ROOM in the top left corner, browse through the suggested list of rooms found in a standard home and select the one that you wish to inventory at the moment.

Also, you are given the option to include into your detailed inventory list a room that’s not typically present in houses or apartment – simply tap OTHERS and voilà – you turn into a master builder in no time!


Rename and delete created rooms with ease

The home inventory application MoveAdvisor puts you in the driving seat of your room by room checklist and gives you the freedom to manage your newly created rooms any way you like.

Wish to change the name of a room? Not a problem. Access the options menu found in the down right corner below the room icon, select Rename and think of a better name to suit that particular walled part of your of living space. You can also conveniently rename a virtual room when you are inside it.

Want to delete a virtual room for whatever reason? Sure, why not? Simply access the options menu underneath the room icon as described above and tap Delete. After a confirmation window, your room will be nowhere to be found.


Drag-n-drop household items into your rooms

MoveAdvisor – the virtual home inventory app for iPhone and Android – gives you the unique chance to participate in the most entertaining household inventory game ever. Because until now, home inventory has never been so much fun.

Start the inventory process and see for yourself. Thanks to the complete pre-set inventory of household items that can be found in any house or apartment, all you have to do is access a room you want to inventory, browse through the categorized icons on the top of the home inventory app and when you find a virtual item that matches the one you possess in real life, drag it into the room. Continue to do so until your selected room is completely inventoried.


Rearrange the items within a room any way you like

Once a room is fully inventoried, the moving house inventory app MoveAdvisor lets you manage your virtual inventory in split seconds. Hold down an icon and move it anywhere within the room to rearrange the furniture pieces, moving boxes or any other type of virtual items you have in a way that makes more sense to you.

You can even take the time to sort out your prized possessions in an alphabetical order, if that’s what you really wanted.


Edit and delete inventoried items whenever needed

We understand that a house move often presents a fairly chaotic environment where home movers tend to change their minds from day to day and where no decision is final until the movers arrive. Therefore, MoveAdvisor – one of the best home inventory apps as of today – grants you the flexibility to easily edit the contents of an inventoried room by dragging more items into it or deleting possessions which are no longer relevant.

Maybe you just decided to take that old dresser with you after all? Or maybe you recently sold an inventoried item? Not a problem! With MoveAdvisor, you remain in full control of your virtual home inventory.


Save all changes made within a room

MoveAdvisor is your personal moving organization application for a reason – it provides you with timely assistance in order to help you force some structured order into your move. Luckily, you don’t have to think about everything when you have such an organized moving assistant on your mobile device.

The home inventory tool of MoveAdvisor will track each and every change you make within a room and will automatically save and promptly update those alterations. This smart feature lets you always keep your virtual inventory up to date even you fail to save the changes manually.


Calculate your shipment weight on-the-fly

Another great feature that MoveAdvisor offers is the ability to calculate the overall weight and volume of your inventoried items as you’re dragging them into the virtual rooms. The free home inventory app for Android and iPhone is always ready with a short summary that displays in a nutshell the essential information of your move. In fact, this awesome functionality is powered by the most extensive database of household items and their corresponding approximated weight and volume values.

Also, your mobile home inventory app will list additional invaluable information related to your move, such as the rough number of moving boxes and furniture blankets you will need /see below for more details/, and the size and capacity of the moving truck that will fit your inventoried possessions /in case you decide to move on your own and rent a moving vehicle/.


Have moving boxes automatically calculated

Based on the number and dimensions of the items you have added to your home inventory list, MoveAdvisor makes the necessary calculations and gives you a detailed list of how many and what size of moving containers and furniture blankets you will need to pack up your valuable possessions for safe transportation to your new home.

Your easy home inventory app can save you plenty of time by making sure that you won’t run out of packing materials in the middle of the packing process. Thus said, have in mind that the calculated numbers are approximate, so it’s always a good idea to obtain more packing supplies than you are advised to.


Export and share your ready home inventory

The minute you are ready with your household inventory, MoveAdvisor gives you the freedom to:

# Backup your relocation information by e-mailing your house inventory list to yourself

# Share your room by room home inventory list with your family or friends

# E-mail your complete household inventory checklist to a reputable moving company, so that you can receive a much more accurate moving quote.

Think of all the hours and hours of precious time the revolutionary home inventory app MoveAdvisor will save you.


The customization level of your trusted house moving planner MoveAdvisor is nothing short of amazing. Once you have dragged your prized possessions into their corresponding rooms, you have the freedom to add, name, rename and delete as many virtual rooms as you need. In reality, you have complete control of how you fill up your virtual living space too – add a household item to a room with a lightning quick drag-and-drop, add multiple pieces of one and the same item to see what happens, and rearrange or delete the stored inventoried pieces within a room any way you see fit.

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Your personal home inventory app for iPhone and Android comes with the ultra useful built-in functionality to calculate important relocation data on-the-fly. The home inventory software makes the necessary calculations for you and besides the total weight and volume of your shipment, it also displays the approximate final number of moving boxes and moving blankets you will need to safely pack your belongings, as well as the estimated size of the moving truck that will fit all your household goods.

Once your virtual room by room checklist for moving is ready, you have the convenient options to backup your relocation details by email, to share your room by room checklist with a friend or to mail it to directly to a reliable moving company of your choice. The last option alone can save you hours and hours of valuable time instead of having to describe each and every worldly possession found in your home in a phone conversation with a mover.

Read on to learn more about the indisputable advantages of the free inventory software tool of MoveAdvisor – the only moving organization app for Android and iPhone you will ever need for your successful move.

MoveAdvisor – you will never forget to inventory an item anymore!

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