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Your company is smart enough to increase profit by getting verified moving leads. There is only one question: “Where do I buy moving leads, which will convert the most?” Luckily you are at the right place – with us you get relocation leads with low competition and high returns!

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Phone verification for maximum certainty

To always provide you with the best moving leads, each one is screened using the services of Real Validation. Why is that important? You will never get leads with missing or disconnected phone numbers – every lead is worth its cost. So every cent invested in our high-quality moving leads will provide superior return on investment.

Last but not least, our trustworthy verification ensures compliance with TCPA regulations and respectively protects you from fines and penalties.

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Increase conversions with minimum competition

Unlike other moving leads providers, we only send out leads to a maximum of 4 other moving companies. Even better, most of our leads are sent to even fewer movers (actually it’s very likely that some leads will be sent to you exclusively). In other words, you can’t find a better deal out there.

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Get more with every lead

There is a reason why we are the best moving leads provider out there: with our premium leads, you also get pre-filled, complete inventory of the move provided by the customer using our app. Even better, the user enters the item list room-by-room. For you, this means less work for your sales team, no more in-home estimates and an even more effective sales process. Curious to see how the user enters their moving inventory? See how it’s done.

I need moving leads, why should you be my moving leads provider?

High-quality leads are what most moving businesses need to get more clients and grow their business. That’s why our mission is to provide you with the best moving leads possible – when you grow we grow.

See some of the other advantages of our leads:

  • Need leads from specific locations, states, distances or dates? You can filter leads to get only what you really need.
  • Receive leads instantly to your moving system or e-mail with easy integration.
  • Put daily/monthly moving leads caps or budget limits.
  • Leads with invalid contact details? Return bad leads instantly and pay nothing.
  • Generate extensive reports to track your performance and improve.
  • All of this in a free moving leads account to have total control!

What about integration? It’s as easy as it can get.

You want to integrate our leads into your system as quick and cost-effectively as possible. Fortunately, we’ve made it an easy process – import leads to popular moving company software like Granot, MoverworX, The Moving Software, Dr. Mover. Movegistics and a lot more. Even if you use a less popular platform, we will have your relocation leads integrated quickly buy our professional developers. Are you a smaller company? You can also receive leads directly by e-mail for greater convenience.

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Just to let you know,  with us you get only moving leads with high conversion. You receive relocation leads from the top well-known moving relation websites –,, and much more.


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