It’s official: We are excited to announce that the comprehensive online platform for organizing and managing a home move MoveAdvisor becomes part of – one of the most trusted moving reviews websites that, for the last 10 years, have been educating people on how and where to find the best moving companies in the country.

The acquisition, already a fact, comes as no big surprise as MoveAdvisor and MyMovingReviews have been business partners for years now. Since its official release in 2015, MoveAdvisor has had its moving reviews data licensed and loaded from the dynamic database of MyMovingReviews, ensuring the most up-to-date customer reviews and performance ratings about each moving company.

The move organization power of MoveAdvisor

MoveAdvisor, launched three years ago, is a free moving app that lets you organize your own move like never before. The cutting-edge technology behind the mobile app powers 3 extremely helpful and practical relocation tools: Home Inventory, Moving Timeline, and Movers Finder.

  • Home Inventory. The home inventory tool gives you the opportunity to complete a moving inventory list of your home. The creation process of the virtual digital map of your house or apartment feels more like a fun household inventory game than a boring task of listing each and every one of your possessions.
  • Moving Timeline. Proper time management is the key to a successful move. The free mobile app MoveAdvisor features a super-detailed moving checklist to keep you on the right track while you’re getting ready to move out. The highly intuitive week-by-week moving timeline will keep you busy and organized without overwhelming you with too many tasks at once.
  • Moving Companies. Powered by the extensive database of MyMovingReviews, MoveAdvisor lets you find the top-rated moving companies near you. The exclusive access to current genuine customer reviews enables you to compare professional movers and pick the best one in terms of reputation, trustworthiness, and professionalism.

After all, it’s no secret that reading moving reviews about a professional moving company and checking their complaint history are crucial to picking up a professional mover that’s just that – professional enough to offer high-quality services at affordable rates.

The future of MoveAdvisor as part of MyMovingReviews

Ever since its release, MoveAdvisor has changed the way people approach the home moving process in general. Thanks to its unmatched move organization functionality, the free moving app has INCREASED THE SUCCESS RATE of residential moving through perfect time management and task allocation and ELIMINATED THE RISK of hiring bad moving companies (aka rogue movers) through a thorough moving company research and comparison of reviews and ratings.

MoveAdvisor becomes part of MyMovingReviewsThe business acquisition of MoveAdvisor by MyMovingReviews comes as the logical step in the rapid development of the moving organization app. We are joining forces with one single goal in mind: to make the moving process so much easier and much safer for everyone who’s going through one of life’s most stressful events – a house move!

The timing of that remarkable milestone can’t be more perfect either.

This year MyMovingReviews is celebrating 10 years of service and its company résumé already looks mighty impressive: 1.7 million people used the service in 2017, 75,000+ moving company reviews published on the website, 5,000+ active professional moving companies currently in its database, and 760+ move-related articles in the FREE MOVING RESOURCES section – complete relocation guides, moving checklists, and packing and moving tips and tricks.

After the corporate acquisition, MoveAdvisor retains its current status as a free moving app, offering a complete set of tools for organizing and managing the perfect move. It’s important to emphasize that downloading and using the mobile app on iOS- and Android-running mobile devices remain completely free.

MyMovingReviews acquires MoveAdvisor’s amazingly powerful home inventory technology and will soon integrate it on its website to be used, 100% free of charge, by anyone and everyone who’s really serious about having a problem-free and stress-free house move from start to finish.

Kyle Jenkins

Kyle is a relocation professional and an ex-moving coordinator for a major US moving company. He has experience in handling relocations from start to the very end with the end consumer in mind. Now, Kyle Jenkins is dedicated to share his knowledge with as many people as possible to help them experience a better moving experience.
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