Acquisition: MoveAdvisor Becomes Part of MyMovingReviews

It’s official: We are excited to announce that the comprehensive online platform for organizing and managing a home move MoveAdvisor becomes part of – one of the most trusted moving reviews websites that, for the last 10 years, have been educating...

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Packing Checklist: Room by Room Packing Checklist

When you’re getting ready to move out, then you must surely realize that the most important task in your moving checklist will be the job of packing up your things for the forthcoming home move. Packing for a move is considered to be the most time-consuming –...

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8 Tips for Finding Good Cross Country Movers

When moving between two homes, the move distance becomes one of the most important factors that will not only influence your final relocation bill, but it will affect every single aspect of the interstate move as well – from your cross country moving options to the...

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7 Tips for Moving Small Loads Across Country

No two home moving scenarios are identical regardless of any apparent similarities. And that is especially true when you want to move across the country only a limited number of items – that is, when you’re facing a mini move. Moving small loads long distance should...

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12 Ways To Cut Moving Costs and Save Money on Your Move

You will hardly surprise anyone by stating that moving home is an expensive affair – it’s a well-known fact even to small kids. However, say out loud that you are familiar with multiple proven ways to cut moving costs and you’re guaranteed to have your listeners’ full...

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10 Tips For Moving To A New State

Moving home is often a challenging task with too many unknown questions to answer - it’s never easy to pack up your things and move to a new house or apartment. And then, you have to raise significantly that level difficulty when the new residence is located in...

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